Performance (July, 2015)

The Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol, Cyprus

Performers: P. Berzal, P.Michaelidou

Texts: A.Marin

Codirected by M.J.Martinez, M.Sastre

Space and costumes: M.J.Martinez, P.Berzal

This piece is a physical theatre proposal that deals with the idea of breaking the mental health stereotypes. Depression is usually seen as a stigma, while indeed, it is as any other illness that any of us can suffer from. In this context, we try to show the most intimate, human face of this mental health condition. Thus, we create this project trying to deal with the prejudices that society tends to have towards this issue. In terms of form, the piece has a strong visual element, the elastics, that generate the framework in which the characters develop their everyday lives. In an empty space a visual art installation is composed by strings, light and projection. The moving bodies deal with constraints avoiding, deforming and pushing the space. The bodies fight against the installation, which sometimes juxtaposes to the movement score.

In order to create this piece, six theatre makers of different nationalities (United Kingdom, Spain, Cyprus, Colombia, and Greece) have met. Although we haven’t worked before as a company, we have been developing professional work individually or with other companies. This is the reason why, and according to the content of the piece, three languages are used, English, Spanish and Greek. The use of these three languages contributes to the development of the action. It intensifies the difficulties and misunderstandings that many times surround mental illnesses. This project got an artistic residency at the Yard Residency 2015, at Mitos Performing Arts Center at the Old Vinegar Factory in Limassol (Cyprus). This residency offered us the possibility to explore the piece in an specific industrial site, which shifted the piece and our processes in many ways.